all steel

Close your eyes. Inhale and Exhale. You are preparing to let go.

Tune into your breath and let go of any tension as you immerse into the space.

Engage all your senses.

Feel your feet grounded into Mother Earth.

Inhale the subtle aroma of the forest.

Gaze at the meditative environment

Listen to the sounds of nature

Touch your hands over your heart in gratitude.

Let your breath connect you. 

Reset and Find Your Space.

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Vanessa Palmer

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Thank you for immersing yourself into the RESEST Nature (shinrin-yoku) Multi-Sensory Experience at the Allsteel Event, Neo Con 2022.

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A heartfelt thank you to our friends at Nordson Green Earth for helping us curate the space with live nature and greenery. Please consider making a donation to their organization to assist in creating more green forests in Chicago.

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A Mindful Immersive
Multi-Sensory Experience

June 29th, 2022
Foundation Room, Chicago