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Emerge is a MindCurate production and a series of multi-sensory, mindfulness and immersive, live experiences.


Our bespoke, creative experiences take you on soothing and meditative voyages into your deepest self - the space where inner-peace and calm lives and breathes inside of you.


Through a curated, eleven sense, wellness mapping philosophy, we transform space into a multi-dimensional, meditative and tranquil environment through: biophilic nature design, alchemy, elements, ritual, sound frequency, visual projection, energy architecture, music, guided meditation, scent and beyond.


Our mindfulness experiences are curated to guide the mind and body to reset while releasing stress and anxiety to become present in the moment. We blur the lines between creativity and mindfulness, creating tranquil journeys for you to flow into a more relaxed and peaceful space.


"RITUAL" is the first immersive experience in the series. There are currently several emerge experiences in production that will be live in Chicago through the end of 2022.

Emerge Experiences - RITUAL (2160 × 1080

MindCurate Presents The Emerge Series

Join us at the majestic Foundation Room for “Ritual”, the first of MindCurate’s Emerge Series and take an immersive journey through five curated, mindful experiences. With an intention of exploring the senses you will engage with sound frequency, mantra, meditation, forest bathing, music, artistic movement, and a mindful tea ceremony.

Our evening will begin with a brief talk on the meaning of ritual and mental health awareness. Next you will be led to the first of five unique experiences as you begin your inner exploration. Regardless of your experience level or personal beliefs, our expert guides will support you as you tap into the reservoir of deep tranquility that resides eternally within your energy and being.

Date | Time

Wednesday, June 29th, 2022

6pm -9pm CDT


The Foundation Room

The House Of Blues, Chicago

Experience Evening

6:00-6:30pm - Doors / Live Acoustic Performance

6:30-6:45pm - Live Talk - The Meaning of Ritual and Mental Health Awareness with Coffee,

Hip-Hop & Mental Health

6:45-9:00pm - Explore 5 Immersive Ritual Experiences

9:00pm - The Experience is Complete

9:00-10:00pm - Chill out in The Foundation Room, sip on a botanical Ritual Elixir Mocktail and engage with our artists and mindful community.

Our Philosophy

Our passion and purpose at MindCurate is to make mindfulness accessible and creative, help people become present in the moment, breathe, reduce stress and anxiety, improve mental health and bridge the gap between chaos and calm.

Mental Health Awareness

10% of ticket sales will go back to supporting  our friends at Coffee, Hip-Hop & Mental Health.

Green Wellness Initiative

MindCurate has proudly partnered with Nordson Green Earth Foundation to help improve Chicago’s tree equity one Miyawaki Forest at a time.



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