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"The power of multi-sensory immersion combined with mindfulness lies in its ability to engage multiple senses, reshape brain function, foster emotional regulation, and reduce stress and anxiety, leading to deeply immersive experiences and enhanced cognitive and emotional well-being. When incorporated into your daily life, it can be nothing short of life-changing." - Vanessa Palmer


Vanessa Palmer is a passionate and luminary mindful living designer and multi-sensory curator, seamlessly blending the realms of design and holistic wellness to craft immersive environments that nurture the mind and well-being. Rooted in the prestigious School of the Chicago Art Institute with a degree in Fine Arts and Design, and enriched by a transformative year studying Italian architecture and design in Florence, Italy, Vanessa's journey embodies a fusion of creativity, wellness, and meditative immersion.


For over two decades, Vanessa has graced the luxury wellness landscape with her passion for incorporating wellness into mindful living. From luxury eco-spaces for prestigious destinations like the Six Senses Hotel Group in Asia to the serene haven of her own holistic wellness day retreat, “ âme (soul) sanctuary ” in Chicago's Lincoln Park, her projects and life's work evoke harmony and rejuvenation. Her passion to teach people how to balance their mind-body connection through living a mindful life is both inspiring and transformative, guiding individuals toward holistic well-being and inner harmony.

Today, Vanessa's passion extends to curating immersive mindful experiences, luxury wellness retreats around the world, and designing MindCurate Immersive and Multi-Sensory spaces that reflect a profound belief in the transformative power of the environment on mental well-being. She collaborates with designers to enhance design projects into true wellness environments that nurture the mind and body.


As a true advocate of holistic living, Vanessa's wisdom extends beyond mindful living and design. She is a public speaker on mindfulness, mental health and mindful living, the author of "OM For The Mom" and the creator and producer of the heartwarming Amazon Prime 2019 mindfulness docu-series, "Prana Warriors," offering a glimpse into the transformative potential of living a mindful life through wellness and creative travel experiences.


Vanessa sits on the board for “Under The Same Sky”, supporting mental health awareness and those impacted by suicide. She also acts as Creative Brand Director for "Purpose Earth" - a global grant and mentorship program empowering leaders and their transformative solutions to our global challenges.


With over two decades of experience as a meditation, yoga, mindfulness and breath-work practitioner, Vanessa embodies the essence of mindful living. Her life's work is a celebration of the seamless integration of creativity, wellness, mindfulness, multi-sensory design and immersive experience. Her most proud accomplishment is being a mother to two beautiful children who give her purpose in helping guide the world into a more mindful way of living.

"In the serene realm where our living environment finds harmony, a profound reflection of our inner being emerges.

As creatures of pure energy, we resonate with the environments we inhabit, forming an intricate connection that reverberates throughout our existence.” - Vanessa Palmer

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