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"My purpose and passion is pioneering the mindfulness movement into mainstream society to make our world a more beautiful place to live in." - Vanessa Palmer

Vanessa Palmer



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Vanessa is the founder of MindCurate and is internationally known for her work as a mindfulness trainer, multi-sensory artist, yoga | meditation teacher, passionate creative director, designer, self-help author and mindful documentary filmmaker, who is passionate about pioneering the mindfulness movement into mainstream society. She is the creator of the mindful documentary series "Prana Warriors" that aired globally on Amazon Prime in 2020/ 2021 and published mindfulness author of the book "OM FOR THE MOM."

This deep commitment to personal practice and mindful living inspired Vanessa to start MindCurate, that creates multi-sensory, immersive mindfulness spaces in urban environments, meditation and wellness content, creative multi-sensory experiences, mindfulness training and curated destination mindfulness retreats.


Her publishings, mindful talks and guided meditations have taught thousands of people how to incorporate simple, mindfulness meditation and breath-work techniques into their daily life to manage stress, anxiety, sleep disorders, addiction and PTSD. During her career, Vanessa has trained CEOs, business leaders, lawyers and students in mindfulness techniques to improve their work life balance and quality of their day to day life.


Vanessa’s passion for living and teaching the art of mindfulness has taken her on a life changing journey for nearly 20 years. She is internationally certified in mindfulness meditation, pranayama (breath-work training), yoga and nervous system training. Vanessa is also a public speaker on mindfulness, charitable wellness (philanthropy), mindful living and creativity, leading talks for corporations and conscious collectives. In 2019 she hosted a series called "The Science Of Mindfulness” alongside Todd Fink at the ACE Hotel in Chicago.

"Life is a long dream. A dream is a short life. We weave our dream like the spider spins its web." - Todd Fink

Todd Fink


Todd is a collaborating partner with MindCurate, creator of the Kind Mind podcast and co-founder of The Giving Tree Band. He holds degrees in psychology and music from Georgetown University and is a certified addiction counselor and mindfulness meditation teacher. He has worked as a clinician at premier behavioral health hospitals for over 20 years and has been a mentor and wellness consultant for Fortune 500 companies, non-profits, schools and municipalities.


He has given large-scale public lectures with his first TED X Talk released in 2020. Todd also draws upon his unique experiences from encounters with prominent scientists, artists and spiritual leaders as well as extensive world travel. From studying western philosophy at University College of Dublin in Ireland to months-long training in Eastern wisdom with monks and masters of meditation in India, Todd works to bridge cultures and guide clients towards their best life.

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