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MindCurate Retreats are majestic journey's into exploring how to cultivate the essence of mindful living through unique travel experiences.

Each bespoke retreat is carefully curated to awaken your mind, body and energy by exploring beautiful destinations, engaging in cultural and creative experiences, connecting to your senses through mindful and ritual practices,

and immersing yourself in the culture's slow way of life.


We invite your nomadic spirit to come explore with us. Breathe, find tranquility, and nurture yourself while being present in the moment.

Wandering Through. Flowing On.


Immersive Wellness Retreat

Marrakech & The Sahara Desert | Morocco

September 17th - 28th, 2023 


Scene 1 - Marrakech, Morocco - 6 Nights

Scene 2 - The Sahara Desert  - 4 Nights ( add on optional experience)

Scene 1 - Marrakech, Morocco - 6 Nights

Travel on an exotic journey over 6 nights to the colorful and romantic city of Marrakech. This luxury retreat experience has been curated for seekers of culture, mindfulness, movement and creativity.Guests will stay at the luxurious El Fenn Riad, nestled within the ancient walls of old Marrakech. Explore the mystical city of Marrakech with us. Visit historic sights, embark on architectural tours, meet the makers and shop the souks. Learn to cook traditional Moroccan food and immerse yourself in the colorful chaos of this passionate culture, rich in tradition and spirit.


Marrakech is a feast for your senses. An integral part of our retreat is to learn how to be present, breathe and find peace and calm amongst the chaos. We begin each day with a 60 - 90 minute mindfulness practice. Each days practice will be a unique experience threading together; meditation, yoga, sound frequency and conscious conversations.


Every day includes "breathing space" to allow personal wellness time to indulge in a hammam, spa experience, lounge by the pool with a good book or maybe journal.


Not to be forgotten is the delectable and delicious food journey in Marrakech. From street food to local hidden gems and a more sophisticated fare - we will taste them all.


Scene 2 - The Sahara Desert  - 4 Nights ( add on optional experience)

We start the next scene of the Morocco journey in the morning and drive toward the desert. Take a break in Todra Gorge. Make some stops in the plenty of amazing villages on our way. Go off road through the big dunes of Erg Chebbi. Ride a camel and enjoy the sunset from the top of the dunes. Spend two magical nights on the nomadic journey in the Atlas Mountains and two nights at a luxury desert tent experience in the soul of the Sahara desert.


Indulge in a luxurious dinner, under the night sky. Dance and sing to the the spiritual vibes and nomadic sounds of the local musicians at night around the fire. Meditate, move and walk barefoot in the tranquility of the night in the desert. Travel to a unique world under a starry sky.


Wake up early in the morning to watch the sunrise from the top of the dunes of Erg Chebbi. Immerse yourself in the silence of the morning while enjoying your Berber locally made breakfast. Try sand-boarding from the top of the dunes. This experience will be nothing short of life-changing to awaken your nomadic spirit.

La Tranquillite is a retreat collaboration between MindCurate and Nora Schneider Design. A merging of passions in the art of living through mindfulness, culture and creativity.

We are now taking expressions of interest for this retreat. If you are interested in learning more please contact:

Vanessa Palmer

La Tranquillitè Curators & Guides

Nora Schneider

Vanessa Palmer is the founder of MindCurate.


Vanessa is internationally known for her work as a mindfulness trainer, multi-sensory artist, yoga | meditation teacher, passionate creative director, designer, self-help author and mindful documentary filmmaker, who is passionate about pioneering the mindfulness movement into mainstream society.

Vanessa has travelled globally curating wellness sanctuaries, immersive experiences and luxury wellness retreats for over 20 years. She is known for her unique and creative teaching method incorporating - multi sensory engagement, mindful living, meditation, breath work, yoga and mindfulness training to inspire people to live a more balanced life.

Nora Schneider is the founder of Nora Schneider Design.


Her firm is committed to creating environments that reflect the lifestyle of the client and result in a personal statement of beauty, function and comfort. Their goal is to create an exceptional design experience that has your living space not only reflect who you are, but enhance the way you live. Nora’s personal aesthetic relies heavily on the juxtaposition of ancient and modern and the belief that art enhances everything.

Nora is an adventurer at heart, with a devotion to her spiritual journey

and extreme wanderlust

Previous Wellness Retreats

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SAMSARA | Creative Mindfulness Retreat

Chiang Mai | Thailand

February 26 - March 5, 2023 | 7 Nights

{samsara} wandering through, flowing on.

Travel on an exotic journey over 7 nights to the magical and tranquil lands of Chiang Mai, Thailand. This luxury wellness retreat experience has been curated for seekers of culture, mindfulness and creativity.

This weeklong bespoke retreat includes treks to temples, daily yoga, meditation and mindfulness experiences. Indulge in creative exploration, design markets, a cooking class and art workshops. Savor ritual wellness moments, daily food experiences and immerse mindfully into nature and the Thai slow way of life. Guests will stay at the luxury Raya Heritage hotel on the beautiful Ping river, surrounded by the majestic Thai mountains and jungle.

Samsara is a retreat collaboration between MindCurate and The Golden Triangle. A merging of passions in the art of living through mindfulness, culture and creativity.

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