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There are tremendous benefits of mindfulness backed by scientific research. You can read about the neuroscience of meditation in this recent post by neuroscientist Sarah McKay.

Here is some of the research reported on related to the impact of mindfulness in the workplace, as told to Berkeley Greater Good:

  • 91 percent reported it positively impacted the culture
  • 88 percent would recommend it to a coworker

  • 66 percent said they felt less stress or had improved stress-management capabilities

  • 63 percent are better able manage themselves at work

  • 60 percent reported increased focus and better decision-making skills

  • 52 percent are able to better manage work relationships

  • 46 percent reported increased innovation and creativity.


Big businesses are smart. They’ve read the studies. They understand that time spent meditating means balanced workers who get things done. And they get that putting the mental health of their workers first increases both creativity and focus.

It seems like all the innovative CEOs are joining the mindful movement. Whether these companies introduced it as a productivity hack or as a genuine way to enhance lives, here’s whose meditating and what these meditating corporations have to say.


Steve Jobs took a practice that worked for him and shared it with Apple’s corporate culture. He was considered a pioneer of “mind technology” when he introduced Zen mindfulness meditation to the corporate structure at Apple. Workers have access to a meditation room, 30-minute daily meditation breaks, and on-site yoga and meditation classes, which were all part of a process that Steve used to reduce his own stress, gain more clarity, and enhance his creativity.


Google was lucky enough to have one of their original software developers spearhead a program at Google that began in 2007 called, “Search Inside Yourself.” Google offers an on-site meditation space and meditation courses, believing that meditation can help improve not only employee mental health and well-being, but the company’s bottom line as well.


Yahoo offers meditation rooms and free meditation classes for employees to benefit from and reduce stress while at work. It seems that tech companies like Yahoo are the early adopters of the mindful meditation at work culture with magazines like Fast Company touting meditation as a “must-do” to get hired.


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“But to view mindfulness simply as the latest self-help fad underplays its potency and misses the point of why it is gaining acceptance with those who might otherwise dismiss mental training techniques closely tied to meditation -- Silicon Valley entrepreneurs, FORTUNE 500 titans, Pentagon chiefs and more.”


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