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Mindfulness Talks + Training For Athletes

Produced for athletic organizations seeking a deeper understanding about how to better balance their lives through daily mindfulness practices.

Fuel Conversation and Elevate Performance with the Transformative Power of Mindfulness for Athletes. Empower Being In The Present and Learn the Foundational Tools of Mindfulness In Just 5 Minutes A Day.


Tailored for elite athletes, FIND YOUR SPACE - Mindfulness Talks, are produced by mindfulness experts, Vanessa Palmer and Todd Fink, who offer a unique perspective on achieving life balance through daily mindfulness practices. These talks and trainings go beyond, providing education, inspiration, and a connection to the latest scientific evidence, tools, and techniques in the realm of mindfulness and wellness.


Vanessa and Todd, renowned speakers and leaders in mindfulness, have traveled the globe delivering talks, leading mindfulness retreats, and sharing insights in TEDx talks, leading corporations and training sessions. Their 90-minute powerful talks seamlessly integrate short, impactful mindful meditation and breath-work techniques into conversations.

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For more information on booking an in-person or virtual talk series for your organization, please contact - 

Chris Beacom


Director Of Athletics & Corporate Strategy

Email -

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